move your cause forward


People come before profits.

In everything we do, we believe that people matter most. We only work for clients we believe in and with people we trust. We commit to our clients and to their goals because we believe in them. Our communications services move our clients forward.

Motion means nothing if you don't move forward.

There are lots of communications firms in Washington, DC. And most of them do great work. But most of them are focused on showing clients how hard they're working. That's not what we do here. We know clients don't hire consultants who try hard; it's the results that matter. That why our focus is clear: move our clients forward.

Trust is everything.

At fwd communications, we're focused on trust. We only work with people we trust, and we do everything in our power to ensure they trust us, too. Winning public opinion, public policy or political fights means building trust and doing everything you can to reinforce it. That's our speciality.

Our values are simple and strong.

We believe a few key things at FWD Communications, and these values drive everything we do.

Do the right thing

This one's pretty simple to understand. We live by the golden rule and we expect others to do the same. 

Find the simplest way

Our clients want results, not activity. We're committed to finding the simplest way to get them from point A to point B. That saves everyone time and money.

Build meaningful relationships

 We look to build long-term relationships because that's better for our clients and for our people. We're not interested in work that's purely transactional.

Make long-term progress

We like low-hanging fruit as much as the next firm, but our true aim is always to have a lasting impact. That means knowing where you're going before you begin.


a public affairs agency that puts people first


Our People

Jarad Geldner founded FWD Communications for a simple reason: the PR industry is broken. With more than a decade of experience, Jarad knows that most firms put profits before people and ego above effectiveness.

Jarad has in-depth experience designing and overseeing political, corporate and advocacy campaigns in Washington and around the world. He has played important roles in dozens of legislative, regulatory and political battles that covered front pages and consumed Congress.

Prior to founding FWD, Jarad spent three years leading the Washington office for a Florida-based crisis communications and PR firm, where he shepherded clients through major crises and helped advance public affairs campaigns that moved public opinion in measurable ways. Before that, he spent more than six years in a leading role at one of Washington’s premier agencies, GPG. While there, he oversaw several major reputational campaigns for Fortune 100 companies, internationally-known nonprofits and foreign governments.

Jarad began his career in the political department at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), where he traveled the country teaching people how to build political influence and managed the writing and publication for the organization’s premiere political news publication, The Insider. He studied International Relations at American University in Washington, DC.

Jarad lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife Hillary, his son Jasper and their dog, Harold.